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Cullinan/PretoriaDiamond Mine full day tour

Travel back in time to a bygone era and visit the mine where the diamonds from the English Crown Jewels come from.
Our trip out to Dinokeng lasts about one and a half hours. During this time, your guide will tell you a little bit about the vibrant history of the area. 

Upon arrival at the Cullinan Diamond mines, we are shown a video about diamond mining in the country, and then we proceed to the working mine. With normal safety precautions in place, we are given hard hats and learn about the surface operations. 

It was here on the 26th of January 1905, that the world’s largest diamond was discovered, the exact place should be pointed out to you. One of the "mine boys" saw it glittering through the sand in a cliff face that had been exposed. Fred Wells, credited with its discovery knew immediately that what he was looking at was special to say the least.

The diamond was the size of a large man's hand and weighed in at a massive 3106,75 carats - quite a rock I am sure you will agree.

The Cullinan was sold by the mine to the Transvaal Government who then decided to present it to King Edward on the occassion of his 68th birthday.

It is said that when the man cutting the stone in Amsterdam delivered the first blow to cleave the massive stone he FAINTED! This story has been contested and some suggest he opened a bottle of bubbly rather than faint. Whatever the real story you can bet his heart was pounding pretty fast when he struck that first blow.

The Star of Africa, a pear shaped cut weighing 530,2 carats was set in the Royal Sceptre. The Lesser Star of Africa was set in the Imperial Crown and weighs 317,4 carats. The Third largest stone was set in the Queen Mother's Crown and weighs 94,4 carats...and the list goes on.

Afterwards we get the true reward - a glimpse at some raw stones and then the final product - some beautifully crafted jewellery designed to world standard by South Africans!