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Constitution Hill half day PRIVATE tour

This venue is steeped in history and yet offers the visitor the prospect of what the future holds for South Africa!

The newly developed area houses South Africa's new Constitutional Court and is enveloped with symbolism - celebrating the Rainbow Nation! President Thabo Mbeki officially opened the Constitutional Court Buildings on Human Rights Day, 21 March 2004.

The guided tour takes us through the Old Fort - which was used as a prison for many years, up the old ramparts - built so that the ZAR President Paul Kruger could keep an eye on the gold diggings and the city. 

Thereafter we proceed to the famous "Number 4" or Black Mans' jail. This part of the jail housed political prisoners together with those found guilty of contravening minor pass book offences. Amazingly these prisoners shared their communal cells with tough, hardened criminals, some of which had been charged with heinous crimes like murder and rape.

We then move towards the Courtrooms, the African Steps and the Gallery. Some of the site guides had relatives who were incarcerated at Number 4, and are passionate about the exciting future of our beautiful country.

This half day  tour can be combined with other tours to suit your requirements.

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Jozi rocks!

Jozi rocks!